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A fishing rod for San Antonio de los Cobres

How did it all begin…
In the middle of the year 2001, when the socioeconomic crisis that hit our country, began to show its worst face, The program “A fishing rod for San Antonio de los Cobres” was born. A program that had to make its way outside of welfare and clientelism of any kind. It had to be self-sustaining and objectively contribute to generating genuine jobs.. In an emergency, attack the effects but constantly keep in mind the causes that cause it since that is where the lasting solutions lie..

San Antonio de los Cobres is a town located in the Puna of Salta, approximately 2000 Km. from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and at 3750 meters above sea level.

This town is recognized by the tourist landmark “Viaducto de la Polvorilla” located at 4200 meters above sea level., to where the “cloud train” circulates, Today it has little to do with that reality on rails.

High levels of unemployment have their correlation in the high percentages of the population with unsatisfied basic needs.. In this framework, geographical isolation and adverse climatic conditions emerge with thermal variations of up to 40°C. , with temperatures of 20° below zero in winter.

Faced with this reality diagnosed and confirmed in successive field work, We develop a work proposal together with different community leaders, detecting needs, productive niches to exploit and designing projects to develop.