Know us

Argentine native

Founded in the year 2000 Argentine native located in the San Telmo neighborhood, nerve center of the culture of Buenos Aires.


Contribute to preserve the ancestral techniques of manufacturing products and textiles and help promote the culture of these peoples.


The local development of native communities, promoting the philosophy and practices of “Fair Trade”.


The conservation of Cultural Heritage and the creation of self-sustaining jobs for the inhabitants of native communities.

Social responsability

Nativo Argentino is a fair trade company that promotes the best commercial conditions to guarantee the rights of small producers and artists, recognizing their work and their «Savoir faire»

Native Products

Argentine native, does 20 years that disseminates and markets new and old textiles made by hand on native looms by artists and artisans from the original peoples of northern Argentina.


Native Argentino contributes to preserving ancestral production techniques and helps promote the culture of native peoples.