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Carpet traditional of The Andes 05

1,35 cm x 1,70 cm aprox

The puyos, also called blanket, are used to warm the bed. They are woven on looms, and in general they are made with a thick wool and dyed in bright colours. They are tipically have very colorful stripes and, as the technique moves into northern Argentine, floral display representations appear. They are made in one long piece and then cut and sewn as the northern ponchos. Some puyos have works with designs that include decorations with stylized flowers and animals.
They may have colorful stripes as well as simple patterns derived from peinecillo (a pattern that looks like the teeth of a small comb) and guarda atada (a technique of making knots to distruibute colour in the textile). Sometimes, the stripes and patterns coexist on both sides.
In northern Argentina, in the town Yavi (Jujuy Province), the wool is dyed with a technique of knotting (the basic principle of Batic) that allows to get colour shades to create drawings and even write short legends. They are currently used in urban decoration as rugs of an unequalled value.