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Aguayo 02

1.00 x 1.10 approx.

Aguayo of alpaca.

The Llicllas or Aguayos.

They are rectangular textile formed by two parts joined in the center, adorned with "pallai" or lists, lines and guards, on their outer side edges and the inner edges of each cloth, flanking the center seam.

It is an absolutely feminine garment. The measures vary by age of users. Lliclla and Awayo name designates the same garment. Lliclla is the word in Aymara and Awayo  in Quechua language.

They are used as everyday clothing throughout the Puna. It is also a utilitarian garment that allows transport food, clothing and children.

They can be woven in sheep wool, alpaca, llama and cotton yarn inclusive. The designs vary according to regions of the Andean world.